Please see our collection of wonderful stories below from Hunter Homeless Connect Day.


Health Centre

Between 9am and 1:30pm we screened 62 people in the Health Centre for foot problems, then treated 32 people in the clinic. We saw everything from an infected in-grown toenail to diabetes foot checks,...


Meet and Greet

One of the ladies had never experienced a facial before and when I spoke to her she was beaming, you could see her self esteem rising right there. It was magic. Some of the male guests that I spoke to...


Meet and Greet

Another story was that of a grandmother who had taken the opportunity to have a medical checkup and mentioned that she could not have afforded all these under normal circumstances. The grandmother also took...


Families Centre

I remember talking to a man doing it tough. But to look at the spirited expression on his face whilst he rubbed his hand through his newly cut hair, doing it tough was the furthest thing from his mind. He...


Meet and Greet

There was one lady that I was speaking with who had lost her job about a year ago. As she was unable to maintain the mortgage, and she lost her house. She had been homeless for five months and is now...