Female Guest

While at the info booth I had a lady enquire about food/petrol vouchers as she had travelled far to get here today. Over the course of our conversation she told me about how she had recently left an abusive relationship of 15 years and was now in some kind of safe accommodation.

She told me gratefully that she had just had her first haircut in 15 yrs!

As we chatted, she became emotional. She clearly needed someone professional to talk with. I asked her if she would like to talk privately with someone and she said that she had gone wandering past the D.V area (looking for someone to talk to) but no one noticed her, and yes she said she thought she needed to talk. I was opposite the social worker stand but they were very busy and undermanned at that time so I decided to walk with her to the health pit-stop and see if there was a quiet corner just for her. We got some ones attention and they welcomed her and I asked if there was a woman available to speak with her. I was happy to leave her in the capable hands of the pit stop crew!