I am currently feeling every inch of my 66 years & 69 days but I had the time of my life today. I worked alongside a really terrific group of people who wanted to put something back to those less fortunate. Now to our guests: they didn't grumble to me about how life had dealt them a bad hand. They enjoyed themselves. I was able to joke with people, discuss The Knights & The Jets, Centre link, the NSW Government, the Rudd Government’s current stance on Climate change & lots more.

One bloke is having a bet with me about next year’s Rugby League Grand Final. One fellow kept food up to me during the day - a Sausage Sanger, Meat on a stick, Watermelon and even a Pancake - all because I hunted around & found out who had the phone cards for him. Plus Peter who I took in to make his application for a Birth Certificate just about pumped my arm off when he was leaving.